Please pick up Infomation paper & Pamphlet about the Delivery Race at registration. Please make sure you understand and enjoy the Delivery Race!!

9/23 (sat)

9:00 QUALIFY A or B announcement
at HQ : Courio-City

10:00-10:45 player call up & trial ride
at HQ : Courio-City

10:45-11:00 gathering of player & briefing

-full time 90min-

13:00-13:45 player call up & trial ride
at HQ : Courio-City

13:45-14:00 gathering of player & briefing

(full time 90min)

9/24 (sun)

13:30-14:15 player call up & trial ride
at HQ : Courio-City

14:15-14:30 gathering of player & briefing
at HQ : Courio-City

14:30-17:00 FINAL START-GOAL
-full time 150min-

Please check the EVENTS Page


Releasing the course map of the DELIVERY RACE! "three-dimensional course" at NIssan Stadium

A race which will be contested by messengers and cyclists from all over the world at one of the largest venues in CMWC history!

The CMWC2023 Yokohama delivery race will take full advantage of both the inner and outer parts of Nissan Stadium, and will be the first-ever “three-dimensional course” by using up to the fourth floor of the complex.

The difficulty of the race will be at the highest level, with the course intricately intertwining as a circle around the stadium, with the addition of vertical ups and downs from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor. Going up and down floors is an essential part of real-life messenger work and we have created a situation as close as possible to the every-day delivery process.

In addition to the race course, we are taking on a number of new challenges, including the starting and finishing-line method, the contents of the manifest, and other details of regulations.

Race INFO & RULES will be published on our website. The COURSE MAP will also be uploaded and, and the MANIFEST will be released separately. During the period leading up to the event, please check out the information and have plenty of image training time until the point you are bored of looking at it.

A competition that tests not only intellectual, physical strength, and experience, but also the imagination and creativity of a messenger. Just as our new theme is “NEW STANDARD” we will hold a delivery race in Yokohama that no one has ever experienced before.


Collaboration with three Yokohama craft breweries! CMWC 2023 Yokohama Original Beer Released!

To commemorate the CMWC 2023 Yokohama, three Yokohama craft breweries, Yokohama Beer, Yokohama Bay Brewing, and Libushi Bashamichi, will brew original beers.

Each brewery will send “ale” to messengers from all over the world with beers that reflect their individuality. The original beer (draft beer) will be opened simultaneously at each of the company-owned stores on September 1, 2023 (Friday)!
General sales of canned and bottled beer are also planned.
*For inquiries and orders regarding the beer, please check each company's website.

YOKOHAMA BEER『CMWC2023 Yokohama Messenger Yell -Sour Ale-』

【About the beer】
Local brewery Yokohama Beer has made a special treat for the mess fam: the CMWC 2023 Yokohama Messenger Yell. For messengers hustling day in and day out, this sour ale was designed to be a kind of ‘energy drink’, well-deserved at the end of the day. The Messenger Yell Sour Ale gets its refreshing acidic slap by fermenting the wort with lactic acid bacteria. On top of that, lemon and bergamot do their citrusy thing to give your throat and heart the thirst-quenching beer they need.

【Brewery Profile】
「Yokohama Beer celebrates its 24th year as a local brewery. Based in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, the people at Yokohama Beer aim to bring folks together through craft beer. After receiving a multitude of international awards and prizes, Yokohama Beer still just strives to make good-ass beer. Through their stoke and passion, Yokohama Beer continues to liven up ‘Craft Beer City’, where the best craft breweries in Japan are concentrated.


【Label Illustration/Artist Profile】
Kensuke Takahashi
横Kensuke Takahashi is a painter and muralist from Yokohama. With solid drawing skills, precise technique, and a free imagination that transcends reality, he partakes in a wide range of activities such as drawing murals and wall art in restaurants, providing artwork to companies and governments, and performing at live painting events.
In recent years, he has produced large-scale works at JR Yokohama Station’s Ekinaka, Yokohama’s Yoshida-cho, Yokosuka, Machida, Pow! Wow! Japan! Kobe, and Macao, just to name a few places. At the live painting event "UNDERLAND", which is held irregularly at Grassroots Yokohama, he always collaborates with Yokohama Beer on their limited edition label beer.


【About the beer】
This yuzu-infused IPA was created by Yokohama Bay Brewing’s owner/brewer, a former messenger who still loves bicycles. The idea was to make an IPA, which is drunk by messengers all around the world, with a strong bitterness and fruity flavor that expresses the essence of Japan. Brewmaster’s tip: best enjoyed immediately after your cycle race!

【Brewery Profile】
Yokohama Bay Brewing is a craft brewery with a factory in Totsuka, Yokohama. Founded in 2011, they have directly managed stores in Kannai and Totsuka, and a distillery in Hinodecho. Their slogan is “Make Yokohama a Craft Beer City!”


【Label Illustration/Artist Profile】
Rinne is the name of the bearded character "Uncle Rinne" who loves all bicycles, as well as the name of the artist who created the character. “Your journey begins the moment you step on your bike. You can keep running forever. You can go anywhere. Total freedom. Spinning pedals, spinning wheels; everything keeps spinning”.
Rinne (reincarnation) Immediately after his Instagram debut in 2021, he started to get recognized around the world. He is followed in more than 50 countries around the world and sells his paintings all over the world. Besides being interviewed by the famous American web magazine, he has collaborated with various brands and been published in magazines in Japan, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, France, etc. He was in charge of displaying pictures and event visuals at the first UCI World Championship in Glasgow, England, where many cycling events are gathered at once. He is also in charge of the visuals for CMWC.



【About the beer】
Bicycle Messengerの本場・New This beer is a tribute to the late Eddie Williams, messenger and photographer who was active in the 90's and 00's in the home of bicycle messengers: New York. It was inspired by the dark beers that Eddlie loved and Brooklyn. (The photo exhibition, Bike Messengers Life: NEW YORK CITY/Eddie Williams, will be held at Queen's Square/Minatomirai Gallery from September 20th to 24th during CMWC.)

【Brewery Profile】
At Libushi Bashamichi, in addition to brewing craft beer, they have expanded their line by installing cutting-edge distillers and equipment, distilling craft spirits and liqueurs that maximize the aroma and flavor of the ingredients, and coming up with special cocktails and food pairings. By making everything in small batches, they are able to experiment more with recipes and procure raw materials. This allows them to create more unique and one-of-a-kind products.


【Label Illustration/Artist Profile】
Taliah Lempert
Taliah Lempert is an artist living in Brooklyn. She studied art in New York and Boston and has been painting mainly bicycles for over 25 years. Her work, particularly her paintings of famous cyclists' bicycles, has received acclaim from both the art and cycling communities and has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces around the world. She also sells limited edition prints, calendars, postcards, coloring books, and other merchandise, as well as participating in street fairs. Her clients include New York City Transit, MoMA design store, and Paul Smith.



"NEW STANDARD" is the theme of CMWC Yokohama!! The main venue is Nissan Stadium.

Our main events (e.g. the delivery race) on the 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun) will be held at Nissan Stadium, one of Yokohama's -- and Japan's -- greatest locations for entertainment and sports, an example of a New Standard that we aim at for this year's CMWCs.

We, the CMWC 2023 Yokohama Executive Committee, are committed to presenting to the world a New Standard for cycle messengers' and cycling's future, with "unprecedented endeavors" and "Japanese hospitality" as our axles.

【Nissan Stadium】
(International Stadium Yokohama)
3300 Kozukue, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

- An international stadium that FIFA World Cup in 2002, Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo Olympic soccer finals were held.
- The home ground of Yokohama F Marinos. The park surrounding the stadium is also popular in the community.
- Accessible. The nearest station, Shin-Yokohama, is on the Shinkansen line.


The Cycle Messenger World Championships are coming to Yokohama!

In September 2023, Yokohama is hosting the 29th (30th year since the first!) annual Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWCs) and their accompanying events!

The CMWC 2023 Yokohama will be a 6-day festival from September 20th (Wed) to 25th (Mon), and the main delivery races and several other events on the 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun) will be held in Nissan Stadium, one the greatest locations for entertainment and sports in Yokohama and the whole country. Slow Burnin’ 2023 Japan, a CMWCs pre-event, is scheduled from September 16th (Sat) through 18th (Mon).

Updates and more details will be posted here and on our Instagram accounts (@cmwc2023@slowburninman). Registration is planned to open in June.